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Dr. Damaris-Lois Y Lang is a co-founder of the ‘Parenting Children of Color (P-CoC)’ community group. She serves as the Executive Director of P-CoC, and the officer for the P-CoC Education Program committee. At the City University of New York where she works, Dr. Lang serves as the Vice Executive Director and Awards Program Director for The CUNY Academy for The Humanities and Sciences. The Academy was established in 1981 by the CUNY Board of Trustees to integrate faculty across all CUNY Campuses and promote and support faculty research and intellectual exchanges. Dr. Lang also oversees the selection of awardees and the distribution of funds to the teaching faculty applicants of The Academy’s, Travel Awards from all the 23 colleges across CUNY. At her home college, Hostos CC, she serves as the Science Program coordinator for both the Liberal Arts & Science A.S. Degree and Science for Forensic Science Dual Degree Programs.  In her town of residence, the village of Hastings-On-Hudson, Dr. Lang serves as a board member of the Youth council. The Hastings Youth Council provides support and resources to the youth of our community and their families. Dr. Lang is a neuro-biologist and has also earned a Public Leadership Executive Education in three certification areas on Creating Public Value; Leading Successful Programs: Using Evidence to Assess Effectiveness, and Creating Collaborative Solutions, from Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government Executive Education.


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Board Official

Ms. Kristina Catalan is a co-founder of the Parenting Children of Color (P-CoC) community group. She serves as the Officer for the Support and Advocacy committee. Ms. Catalan currently works for the NYC Early Intervention Program as a Service Coordinator to assist families to attain and maintain services for their children with special needs and developmental delays. Ms. Catalan is actively engaged in volunteer work in the schools and community. Two of her children currently enrolled in the school district and a daughter who recently graduated. She serves on the HOH Diversity Committee.  Ms, Catalan is an activist who has assisted in leading protests and rallies in the HOH community to advocate for positive change. Having an educational background in Psychology, Ms. Catalan is exploring to further her studies in Education on Diversity & Equity.


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Board Official | Secretary

Ms. Villalona is a mother of three who was born and raised in Washington Heights.  She received a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Pace University, working as an early childhood teacher in Harlem, NY, and in Los Angeles, CA before returning to graduate school. She earned a Masters Degree in Bilingual School Psychology from California State University- Los Angeles and has been practicing in that capacity since 2002. Ms. Villalona is additionally a National Certified School Psychologist. Ms. Villalona has employment in one of the largest school districts in Westchester County for the past 13 years. In her role as a bilingual school psychologist, she is involved in the evaluation and assessment of students to identify educational disabilities. She is also a counseling provider for classified students, serving as an integral participant in the school PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) and MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) committees.  For the past three years, she has participated in a collaborative project between the school district and NYU Technical Assistance Center on Disproportionality [TAC-D] with a focus on disproportionality in special education and suspension charges. The main goal has been to ensure that equitable outcomes get achieved district-wide. Ms. Villalona is committed to being of service to her community and school district. Her most rewarding work has been in supporting families in obtaining mental health support and in helping students and families become strong advocates for themselves. She serves as the Communications Director of P-CoC and serves as the Officer for the Resource Solicitation committee.


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Board Official | Treasurer

Ms. Vikki-Lynne Allen serves the Parenting Children of Color (P-CoC) community group as the Budget Director and Resource Solicitation Officer. Her background in working in the Finance Department close to a decade now, and in Human Resources, for a New York State-based Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (P.A.C.E) for over two decades have girded Ms. Allen with rich experience and expertise. Ms. Allen has held various positions, all of which had geared towards improving daily life for the geriatrics population. She has assisted in coordinating events for the NBA’s All-Star weekend in Washington DC for renowned footwear brands. She has coordinated logistics for concerts held within the New York City area. Growing up within the Westchester County educational system in both the public and private sectors affords her the ability to connect with the community on multiple levels. Her goal at P-CoC is to support communities of color through fun, uplifting and enlightening events.


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We’re very proud of the diversity of our team, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success. Find out more about some of our leaders and volunteers below.


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