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P-CoC Inc Mission

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P-CoC Inc. is a charitable professional society that drives tangible change by actively supporting initiatives that exclusively advance race, color, and ethnicity equity for persons of color, emphasizing cultural expression, fair treatment, advocacy, and education for all.


  1. P-CoC Inc solely focuses on addressing the distressing pattern of marginalization of minority voices and experiences, particularly those at the bottom rung of society at the intersection of Race (historically associated with "Black" identity), Color (darker skin tones), and Ethnicity (oppressed ancestral heritages). This focus forms the essence of establishing P-CoC’s laser-focused work and its founding principles.

  2. P-CoC Inc aims to protect its programming needs to ascertain universal relevance to any space without hostility due to other sociopolitical affiliations. This allows engagement solely dedicated to addressing marginalized intersectional issues related to race, color, and ethnicity. This approach allows for the undiluted evaluation of work and isolated impact that is devoid of links to other sociopolitical platforms and other forms of interest convergence.

  3. P-CoC participants may include officials and workers in agencies who are prohibited by law from engaging in socio-political activities. Therefore, P-CoC does not engage in partnership work with any socio-political movement bodies. 

However, participants of P-CoC Inc. are not bound by the above limitations if their work falls outside the scope of P-CoC Inc.'s engagements. They are free to actively pursue other intersectionality work within and beyond those related to race, color, ethnicity, or socio-political movements, provided it remains outside of P-CoC Inc.'s purview.

P-CoC Inc's Collegiate Code of Ethics in Action

P-CoC's work on the intersectionality and focused aspects of race, color, and ethnicity tackles one of society's most pervasive forms of marginalization. Acknowledging the complexity of this issue, our commitment extends beyond popularity contests in social trends, movements,  and social media support, which can be fleeting. Instead, we promote accountability measures that foster genuine equity in legislation and policies, ensuring empowerment for all individuals facing marginalization in the areas of race, color, and ethnicity. We are committed to authentically confronting challenges and driving tangible transformation with meticulous efforts that will stand as a historical record for future generations to reflect upon, even if fairness does not presently come to fruition.

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P-CoC Inc emphasizes the belief in a singular human race, rejecting the idea of inherent racial superiority or inferiority. We promote the embrace of the singular human race, graced with unique variations of skin color shades and enriched ethnic diversity.

The peacock symbolizes the P-CoC logo. The peacock-the bird with 100 eyes, is a possessor of valued human characteristics, exhibiting signs of sacredness, dignity, leadership, fortification, and vigilance. Not stifling the authentic representation and expressions of persons of color radiates beauty like when a peacock spreads its feathers, revealing intertwined elegance.


P-CoC Inc functions as a collective through established ad hoc committees, engaging with its local social circles to provide assistance to beneficiaries within the limits of the intersectionality framework, which is laser-focused on race, color, and ethnicity among marginalized individuals, while seeking support to address the academic and economic needs of persons of color. P-CoC Inc. is a professional society, not a social movement, a sociopolitical group, or an exclusive self-serving club. Participants harness their professional assets, resources, intellectual support, and financial contributions to serve both internal and external beneficiaries.

Individuals within the organization may partake in other forms of intersectionality work outside of race, color, and ethnicity, however, P-CoC, as an organization, does not participate in any other forms of intersectionality work beyond race, color, and ethnicity. P-CoC avoids any form of interest convergence at all costs. The danger with interest convergence is the quick deterioration into a colonialist symbiosis, where an establishment striving towards exclusivity of work is robbed of its focused interest.



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