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Raising awareness about racial discrimination, while vital, is just the first step towards addressing the profound complexities of racial and color inequities. Imagine it as pointing out someone's addiction without offering practical solutions and systemic changes to help them overcome it. Merely fostering awareness of our ingrained biases falls short of achieving the transformative change needed to confront racist behaviors. The deep-rooted neural foundations of racial biases highlight the urgency of purposeful and united efforts to rectify racial and color disparities.  At its core, P-CoC Inc.'s mission is dedicated to a multifaceted approach that includes education, advocacy, and outreach. Together, these initiatives work to diminish the underlying factors influencing the neural underpinnings that contribute to behavioral patterns affecting our entire society. Let compassion and conviction guide us as we take meaningful action to dismantle the barriers that perpetuate racial and color disparities.

Join us in our mission to bring about lasting change.

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