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Serving With P-CoC Inc

Be a Force for Good

P-CoC Inc is a professional charity society dedicated to advancing equity for persons of color, promoting ethnicity, cultural expression, fair treatment, and education for all. Your minimum contribution plays a crucial role in driving collective efforts for positive change. At P-CoC Inc, we come together to tackle challenges greater than ourselves, working towards a cause that directly impacts lives for the greater good of humanity.

Open Work Space

The primary role of the P-CoC Inc Advisory Board| Council is to support the board in maintaining the organization's vision to address issues related to race, color, and ethnicity, developing strategies for influence and change. We provide various services, including student academics, professional development workshops, advocacy-related support, dire need funding, educational empowerment, and more.

We strive towards tangible, solution-oriented outcomes in a collaborative yet assertive manner, avoiding bullying, blaming, and shaming (BBS Tactic). Our focus is on driving actionable work, not tokenism.

Join us in being a force for positive change!

Recruitment Focus


Identify stakeholders who align with Race-Color-Ethnicity  interests.

Exclusive Focus

P-CoC's choice to employ the middle-across collective impact model, rather than the operational mechanism of middle-across stakeholders, is a testament to its commitment to its established tenets. Unlike the stakeholders ' format, the collective impact model maintains an exclusive focus on race, color, and ethnicity. Although stakeholders also maintain a focus on these factors, it is not exclusive, and the operational process may align with other interests within the separate stakeholders involved in the work. The middle-across collective impact, in perfect alignment with the established tenets of P-CoC Inc., provides a structured and focused approach.
The Middle-Across Collective Impact Model, a cornerstone of P-CoC's approach, provides a structured and inclusive platform for collaboration among diverse stakeholders. It is defined by a common goal, without deviation into other interests that may hold intersectional elements. The operational mechanism utilizes a common agenda, keeping all parties moving toward the same goal with common progress measures to offer authentic outcomes toward the established goal. P-CoC actively avoids the middle-across stakeholder approach, which involves additional interests among diverse stakeholders that can dilute the impact of established missions and goals. By identifying stakeholders who exclusively align with intersectionality work on race, color, and ethnicity interests, P-CoC Inc. promotes the inclusivity of diverse participants from differing backgrounds, including those from agencies restricted by legal constraints from engaging in socio-political activities.













Interest 1 (Ethnicity): Interest in ethnic representation and anti-marginalization.
Interest 2 (Race & Color): Interest in impactful change against racism and colorism.
Interest 3-10 (Other DEI Initiatives): Varying interest outside of Race-Color-Ethnicity.


Recruiting Personnel_edited_edited_edite
Middle Across Collective Impact.png


| Serve your community |
| Training and mentorships |
| Opportunities for skill building |
| Access to rich and quality resources |
| Internships and volunteering opportunities |
| Partnerships and Networking opportunities |
| Direct contribution to the organization's success|
| Connect with people who share similar interests |

| Recognition for enhancing professional reputation |
| Satisfaction in supporting work for the greater good |
| Holistically healthy social prospects and support for "Persons of Color" |

Statement of Advisory Role Purpose


As an advisory board member of P-CoC Inc., your role is to provide valuable insights and expertise to advance our exclusive mission. While you may not be actively involved at all times or engaged in specific day-to-day tasks, your consultative input is crucial. We periodically seek your guidance to benefit from your experience and expertise without overburdening you. Your presence on the board adds credibility and weight to our collective voice, enhancing our effectiveness in fulfilling P-CoC Inc.'s mission. Our operational work supports both external and internal beneficiaries through local Social Circles, amplifying the voices of those we support as outlined in our mission and theory of change for self-advocacy and empowerment. We serve as a resource-based hub and provide financial support to individuals in need.


Thank you for considering becoming an integral part of P-CoC Inc.

By participating in our activities, whether compensated or not, you confirm reading, understanding, and consenting to the terms in our Statements 

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