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P-CoC Inc.’s Organizational Blueprint


The central belief guiding P-CoC’s governance is to ensure that those directly impacted by marginalization in areas of race, color, and ethnicity are not just included but empowered as gatekeepers within our operations. Individuals with lived experiences of marginalization are not just present but placed in positions of influence, driving our initiatives. This emphasis on lived experience is not just a concept but a fundamental aspect of our approach, with marginalized individuals not just participating but occupying critical roles in navigating and shaping our work.

P-CoC’s operational structure, inspired by the Strategic Triangle framework developed by Dr. Mark Moore at Harvard Kennedy School, comprises three main components: the Authorizing Body, Operational Capacity, and Beneficiaries. The Authorizing Body comprises individuals, including the founding president, governing officers, and board participants. These individuals also serve as executive operational directors, fostering a strong sense of unity and shared responsibility with an all-hands-on-deck approach. Within the Operational Capacity wing are Advisory Board and Council committee participants serving as operational directors and committee officers to oversee day-to-day operations, supported by ad hoc committees focused on specific areas. Additionally, advisory board supporters, which include patrons and sponsors, contribute resources to support our programming and professional endeavors. Finally, Beneficiaries encompass children of color, individuals, and communities, forming the social circles through which direct impact and action are realized. Through these interconnected networks, we strive to empower marginalized voices, drive meaningful change, and create a more equitable society. We believe that by working together, we can achieve sustainable change.

Within our strategic triangle, this organizational framework, the Middle Across Collective Impact Structure, allows a decentralized approach that fosters collaboration and consensus-building toward actionable solutions.


P-CoC Inc.’s Strategic Approach to Sustainable Change


P-CoC's effectiveness hinges not on sheer numerical influence but rather on our intentional and prompt method of engaging through the representation of marginalized and minority voices. Frequently silenced or disregarded, these voices necessitate amplification to effectively reach policymakers and legislators entrusted with ensuring the implementation of equitable measures that uphold fair treatment for all. We are inspired by the resilience and strength of these voices, and it motivates us to continue our work for sustainable change.

Dr. D-L Y Lang, our Founding President and Executive Director, rightly pointed out that relying solely on the majority's sentiments to address societal issues, like ending slavery, would have been futile. History shows that the minority usually can't win against the majority in a numbers game. This emphasizes the importance of lifting up marginalized voices. While movements such as Civil Rights, BLM, and responses to events like the George Floyd tragedy gain occasional public support, lasting progress often fades after the initial surge. It requires continuous documentation of injustices and a steadfast commitment to strategic initiatives for lasting change for marginalized individuals.


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Board Official | President

Dr. Damaris-Lois Y. Lang has dedicated her professional journey to education and growth, showcasing a diverse academic background. She holds a Ph.D. and an MPhil in Biology, focusing on the Neurobiology of Behavior, from The Graduate Center, CUNY, NY. Additionally, she completed the Executive Education in Public Leadership program at Harvard Kennedy School. Dr. Lang's academic achievements include a Master of Arts in Biology from Lehman College and a B.Sc.-Med.Sc. in Medical Sciences from the University of Ghana Medical School. With over two decades of service at CUNY, she transitioned from being a Full Professor of Biology to an Academic Dean at AU, supporting STEM programs. Dr. Lang has played various roles in academia, including Science Program Director, and has chaired several institution committees. Continuously seeking improvement, she is pursuing another master's degree (MPhil) at Teachers College, Columbia University, and a second doctorate (Ph.D.) at Columbia University. Her research explores the connection between educational theory and practice, aiming to bridge the gap between K-12 schools and higher education pedagogy. She investigates learning methodologies from a constructivist approach across the sciences, including social science. 

Engaged in community service, Dr. Lang serves as an elected Board of Trustee official at Hastings on Hudson UFSD, recognized by the United States Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. Additionally, she holds the position of Founding President at P-CoC Inc., where her focus centers on education, advocacy, and outreach initiatives. Dr. Lang's dedication to equity is evident in her guiding principles of ethos, empathy, and equity. In addressing the intricate role of diversity in achieving societal equity, she argues that the process resembles understanding that puzzles fit together because of their differences. She emphasizes that societal equity involves neither erasing nor ignoring differences but acknowledging and balancing these distinctions to cultivate a climate of equitable coexistence. Advocating for a non-political, humanistic approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, her goal is to create equitable opportunities for all individuals to succeed. Dr. Lang's life mantra is, "What we have, we did receive" (1 Corinthians 4:7), driving her to extend herself to others, among other guiding principles. 
|914 281 1129

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Board Official | Vice President

Aravind Pochiraju is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the field of educational technology. As the founder of Lrnr, an Adaptive Learning Company, he is dedicated to making personalized course materials and classroom engagement tools accessible to all. Prior to establishing Lrnr, Aravind played an essential role as the head of the Digital Innovation Group at Pearson. During his tenure, he spearheaded the development of a groundbreaking eReader for iOS, along with several other highly successful apps. His contributions were instrumental in positioning Pearson as a leader in the competitive Mobile domain. One of Aravind's notable achievements was leading the development and successful implementation of Pearson's first highly scalable K-12 Learning Management System (LMS) in 2001. Remarkably, this system continues to be in use today under the name Pearson SuccessNet, boasting millions of student users. Beyond his professional pursuits, Aravind finds joy in various outdoor activities during his leisure time. Whether it's embarking on long hikes in the mountains, indulging in rowing and kayaking, cycling through scenic landscapes, exploring the depths of the ocean through scuba diving, or enjoying the captivating world of sci-fi movies, he is always up for exciting adventures.  Mr. Pochiraju currently serves as the Vice President and Vice Executive Director of P-CoC Inc. 
|914 281 1181

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Board Official | Secretary

Sachi Patitucci is the proud mother of two grown daughters and a professional Cellist, Artist Manager, Creative Sync Licensing Coordinator, and Music Supervisor. She graduated from the Eastman School of Music and completed her Music Supervision studies at Berklee College of Music
during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sachi is a member of the Westchester Chamber Soloists and a frequent chamber music performer in the New York area. She has recorded on film and television soundtracks, recordings and music videos, and has toured the world with various pop musicians. In addition to her freelance performing career, Sachi manages her husband’s international career as a bassist and also works doing creative sync licensing for the Brad Hatfield Music Collective. She is on the Community Engagement Team at her church and frequently plays in the Worship Band. Sachi cared for her elderly parents in her home for over 11 years. She is happy to volunteer for P-CoC on the Community Outreach Team, the Advisory Board and now as the Secretary of the Governing Board and Communications Director of the Executive Operational branch of the organization. 

|914 500 8735


Board Official | Treasurer

Dr. Shaw is an Educator with a doctorate, a master's degree, and an FNP (Certified Family Nurse Practitioner) with approximately 20 years of experience in medical-surgical acute care settings. She has also worked in primary care medicine, cardiovascular management, geriatric medicine, women's health disaster preparation, patient management, and safety for the past decade. In addition, Dr. Shaw serves as a nursing educator with the City University of New York, supporting students and working closely on curricular development, consultation, and supporting accreditation for health care organizations. As a mother of two small children, she joined P-CoC to support equity and advocacy for children of color. The mission of P-CoC, directed toward unlearning hate and self-hate, has value to what parents should model for their children. Dr. Shaw is a team player with a remarkable professional and personal skill set. Dr. Shaw's doctoral work focused on team teaching at the graduate level. Dr. Shaw serves on several committees. The Senate Scholarships and Awards Committee (SSAC) is one such committee where she serves as the Vice-chair, advocating for financial support for students in need and students who have obtained academic excellence in their educational achievements. Dr. Shaw is currently a governing board officer serving as the treasurer, and in an executive operational capacity, she is the organization's budget director. 

|914 500 8702

Board: Team
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Executive Director


Communications Director


Budget Director


Vice Executive Director


Legal Counsel as needed


Advisory Board Liaison

Advisers may submit queries to the board at

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Grants Director

Advisory Board
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Public Affairs Director

Advisory Board
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Personnel Affairs Director

Advisory Board
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Student Director

Advisory Board

| Student Ambassador Leadership Trailblazer [S.A.L.T. ] & Young Adult Forerunners [Y.A.F.] |

Board: Team


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Advisory Board

Public Relations Team | Committee Officer

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