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Bringing awareness alone to racial discrimination is insufficient to tackle racial and color inequities. It is more or less like saying to an addict that they are addicts-that is providing the awareness, without putting in place a practical process and system to combat the addiction. In our implicit biased states, the awareness alone is inadequate to provide the change needed to combat racist acts' proclivity.  The neural basis of race points to a need for a more deliberate action to combat racial and color inequities. The criminalization, together with negative stereotypes of black skin tone individuals in the societal portrayal of blackness in education, literature, fiction, media, entertainment, etc., are the sown seeds of racial biases. This subconscious outlook creates mental conditioning, producing a psychological impact that creates implicit biases and the lack of placing importance on persons of color. The work of P-CoC Inc at its core is geared towards education, advocacy, and outreach to lessen the triggers influencing neurobiological effects on behaviors impacting us all.

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