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P-CoC Inc is a professional charity society dedicated to advancing equity for persons of color, promoting ethnicity, cultural expression, fair treatment, and education for all. Your minimum contribution plays a crucial role in driving collective efforts for positive change. At P-CoC Inc, we come together to tackle challenges greater than ourselves, working towards a cause that directly impacts lives for the greater good of humanity. The primary role of the P-CoC Inc Advisory Board/Council is to support the board in maintaining the organization's vision to address issues related to race and color, developing strategies for influence and change.

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Satisfaction in supporting work for the greater good | Holistically healthy social prospects for "POC" kids | Recognition for enhancing your professional reputation | Opportunities for skill building | Internships and volunteering opportunities | Access to rich and quality resources | Networking opportunities | Training and mentorships | Partnership opportunities | Affiliation building | Direct contribution to the organization's success | Serve your community | Expand your network | Connect with people who share similar interests



















The diagram provided outlines our participant recruitment process. Participant stakeholders are represented as S1, S2, S3, etc., each associated with specific interests (I1, I2, I3, etc.). P-CoC Inc primarily focuses on "Interest 1," related to race, and "Interest 2," pertaining to color. We aim to identify participants who align with these key interests.  It's important to note that participants may also have additional interests (I3 to I10) and varying perspectives on these interests. While some may oppose certain interests, others may fully embrace them, including their social and political aspects. This complexity underscores the management of participant stakeholder interests. P-CoC recognizes that stakeholders may engage in interests beyond our primary focus. However, all P-CoC Inc initiatives, including collaborations with external organizations, maintain a narrow focus on race and color, refraining from broader Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work. This commitment to focus aligns with our mission's emphasis on race and color and ensures that stakeholder recruitment remains true to this dedication.


Question 1:

Is P-CoC Inc a Social Movement?

Response 1:

No, P-CoC Inc is an Education-Advocacy Professional Society, not a Social Movement.


Question 2:

Do P-CoC Inc participants require a specific set of philosophical ethos, a specific stance on a social issue, or political affiliation to join the organization?

Response 2:

Individuals who support the specific objectives of Race and Color work, as outlined by P-CoC Inc's founding principles, are encouraged to join, regardless of their philosophical beliefs or socio-political positions. While participants are free to engage in other Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts beyond those centered on Race and Color, P-CoC Inc refrains from pursuing DEI initiatives unrelated to Race and Color work, ensuring the preservation and focus of our core mission and preventing Interest Convergence that could dilute our primary objectives.


By participating in our activities, whether compensated or not, you confirm reading, consenting to, and agreeing to the terms in our agreement form.

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